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Workers Comp Insurance Quoter

AP Intego





My Role

UI/UX Design, Information Architecture


Project Manager

Project Details

AP Intego, a leading provider of business insurance offering both traditional and specialty lines, faced a challenge with their insurance quoting app, which exhibited a low completion rate among users. My assigned task was to investigate and comprehend the underlying reasons for this issue.

  • My Role

    Sr UX/UI Designer

  • Collaboration

    Project Manager, Development Team (Lead & Juniors)

Unmoderated Product Usability Testing

I used to observe users interacting with the quoting app. FullStory is a 3rd party usability solution that records the users' cursor and clicks actions while they use the web application.

Problems that were discovered

1. Stopping work-flow

Slider selection is not intuitive; users performed a click, not a slide gesture.

2. Slowing Work-flow

Data entry is not intuitive. Instructions in field disappear after user enters a value.

3. Slowing Work-flow

The number incrementer is not mobile-friendly for touch

4. Slowing Work-flow

Breadcrumbs are not interactive. User has no way to navigate back and forth through the work-flow.

Final High-Fidelity Mocks & Prototype

I crafted an interactive prototype to showcase an enhanced solution to both the development and business teams. This dynamic representation enabled stakeholders to actively interact with the proposed solution, providing not only a conceptual overview but also a tangible sense of the user experience. The primary objective was to cultivate a clearer understanding and elicit valuable feedback from all parties involved.