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Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program

by CAMP Systems

Project Details

Honeywell collaborated with CAMP Systems to enhance the process of submitting oil and filter samples by introducing a digitally connected solution. Through UX research, it was identified that paper forms often contained incomplete and inaccurate data, resulting in reporting errors and the need for sample resubmissions due to miscalculated filter usage hours. In response, a mobile app was developed to replace paper forms, featuring pre-populated fields to minimize data entry errors. The app includes a straightforward tail number lookup, step-by-step guidance, and the capability to view sample status and history, preventing duplicate submissions. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly wizard to calculate filter hours and real-time sample results for efficient scheduling and maintenance.

  • My Role

    Sr UI/UX Design

  • Collaboration

    Project Manager & Lead Developer

  • Methods

    Contextual Inquiry

    Information Architecture

    WAG Compliant

    Product Design

    Visual Design