Insurance Quoter

by AP Intego

AP Intego is the leader in business insurance, providing traditional and specialty lines of insurance for the small business owner. Their insurance quoting app was experiencing a low completion rate with its users and I was tasked to understand why.

Unmoderated Usability

I used to observe users interacting with the quoting app. FullStory is a 3rd party usability solution that records the users' cursor and click actions while they use the web application.

Some Discoveries:

1. Stopping work-flow: slider selection is not intuitive; users performed a click, not a slide gesture.

2. Slowing Work-flow: chat icon in the way

3. Slowing Work-flow: extra input displays when officer's name is entered

4. Slowing Work-flow: data entry is not intuitive; instructions in field disappear after user enters a value

5. Slowing Work-flow: number incrementer not mobile-friendly for touch

6. Slowing Work-flow: chat icon in the way

Final Low Fidelity Prototype

To help show a better solution to the development and business teams, an interactive protoype was created. I chose a low fidelity option to help explain and keep focus on the work-flow.