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My Role

Sr UI/UX Design


Project Manager, Product Owner, Marketing


The Eco-Structure Platform is the heart of Schneider Electric's IoT system architecture. Connecting Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure, and Industries. Monitoring everything from the shop floor to the top floor. Collecting critical data, from sensors to the cloud. Analyzing data to discover meaningful insights. Enabling you to act based on real-time information and business logic.


Users are currently not utilizing modules effectively, leading to neglect of expirations and updates. In discussions with both the Marketing and Product teams, I gathered valuable insights. It was revealed that customers often pay for modules they have forgotten they signed up for. Additionally, there is a common practice of sharing accounts across large organizations, making user management challenging. Customers lack awareness regarding the available modules, their capabilities, and the overall value they bring to their subscriptions. Furthermore, purchases are being made through two distinct channels, adding to the complexity of the user experience.


To enhance the user experience and formulate an MVP road-map with backlog stories, I collaborated closely with a project manager and marketing manager. This involved gaining a deep understanding of the current work flow, actively contributing to the creation of use cases, conducting user research, and delivering UX artifacts. Additionally, I conducted contextual inquiries to thoroughly comprehend work practices and user behaviors, ensuring a comprehensive and user-centric approach. With a focus on the following:

  1. How do users interact with, manage, and purchase subscriptions
  2. Termed Subscriptions - what happens when the term ends?
  3. Explore other Schneider purchasing and subscription channels


Before contextual inquiries, I thoroughly researched and documented the module activation process, gaining valuable insights into the steps, user interactions, and potential challenges. This groundwork informed and enhanced the subsequent contextual inquiries.

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While concurrently developing module subscriptions, I was also engaged in creating a compliance monitoring, reporting, and forecasting feature. The integration of the two initiatives became evident as the compliance process necessitated specific modules and subscriptions.

To streamline the process, I utilized two persona previously crafted for the compliance monitoring feature, adapting them as profiles for candidate types. In order to gain valuable insights, I conducted interviews with three facility managers and three technicians. The selection process involved leveraging User to screen and identify candidates actively using Schneider monitoring products.

Findings Examples

  • Users were sharing modules as a workarounds
  • Frustrating to find that a needed module for analysis has expired
  • Facilities managers are not aware of what Schneider Electric offers

"I don't know what module services we have." Maintenance Technician Quote


Tomo: Facility Manager


Reduce carbon footprint and energy savings. Compliance monitoring throughout the facility. System configuration for monitoring devices. Improving response time.


  • Access to weather forecasts for energy management
  • Comparison tools for reporting and compliance
  • Evidence-based decision-making


  • Lack of on-demand information/analytics
  • Keeping up to date with state and federal regulations
  • Sudden equipment breakdowns


Jake: Maintenance Technician


Keep equipment running through preventative maintenance. Quicker triage time and accuracy in bringing systems back online.


  • Access to OEM information about equipment and parts
  • Real-Time performance data and forecasting
  • Current state and federal compliance procedures


  • Lack of on-demand information/analytics
  • Adapting to changing technology and compliance processes
  • Locating assets within the facility


The complexity in the process of purchasing and activating new modules stems from various subscription scenarios, including departmental subscriptions within a single organization or a singular subscription spanning multiple organizations.


The intricacy in the process of module purchases and new activations arises from numerous subscription scenarios, including departmental subscriptions within a single organization or a singular subscription spanning multiple organizations.



Collaborating closely with project and marketing managers, I played a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience and developing a streamlined MVP road-map. This multifaceted effort involved understanding the intricacies of the existing work flow, actively contributing to the creation of use cases, and conducting comprehensive user research. Contextual inquiries were a key focus, delving into how users interacted with, managed, and purchased subscriptions, with specific attention to Termed Subscriptions and exploration of Schneider's various purchasing channels.

  • Facilitated informed decision-making and strategic UI improvements, resulting in an overall enhanced user experience.
  • Used user research insights to refine subscription management, instilling a user-centric approach in Schneider's purchasing channels.
  • Proposed a streamlined MVP road-map, organized backlog stories, and ensured consistent formatting and UI asset organization for improved development velocity.


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