Improving the Aras Innovator installation experience.

Aras Diagnostics is an add-on application for the Aras Innovator platform. Diagnostics performs analysis on local or remotely installed Aras Innovator database package configurations.


  • UX Research
  • Prototyping
  • Information Architecture
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding


I joined the team as the sole designer with a project manager and a developer to explore improvements for the visual and user experience. A primitive version had been created prior to me joining the team and management was requesting a beta version for an upcoming industry event. Management wanted to market the product for all user types. No preliminary UX work had been done, nor had any consideration given to branding or UI design.

Solution goals (MVP)


  • 1. Understand users
  • 2. Correct existing issues and design new features
  • 3. Validate design
  • 4. Provide deliverables

1. Understanding Users

Aras Diagnostics was created for database engineers to preform analytics on Aras Innovator databases who had deep domain knowledge.


1. Defining user groups
Created user types
2. New user journey map
I had just used and experienced the application myself while installing Aras Innovator


Before we could get early feedback we needed to improve the current UI.

Suggested Solutions

A. Heuristic Evaluation
The current design was not following best practices
B. Branding Guidelines
Visual design requirements were inconsistent and logo was not following usage guidelines.
C. Redesigned Navigation
Interactive installation wizard to help not first time users
D. In-line Messaging and Help
Intuitive language and instructions to improve the user experience
E. Motion Graphics
Animated controls to display database status

A. Heuristic Evaluation

B. Branding Guidelines

Aras logo and branded color pallets were introduced to the mock-ups.

C. Redesigned Navigation

An intuitive wizard walk-through experience was considered.

D. In-line Messaging & Help

In-line messaging and a knowledge base experience were considered

XD Prototype Examples

E. Motion Graphics

Animated status control to monitor server activity

XD Prototype Examples

F. Create Report

Having worked on a similar diagnostics tool I learned from experience that users would require similar features for Aras Diagnostics.


Several internal Aras developers were given access to prototypes I created for moderate and advanced user feedback.

Recorded Figma prototype mp4's examples

Recorded Figma prototype mp4's examples


Before we could get early feedback we needed to improve the current UI. Having worked on similar products that managed digital assets I was able to see where we could make improvements. All Aras products followed a design system and some areas of core functionality were not following standards.

Deliverables Included:

A. Final Designs
Created and provided shared Adobe XD files
B. Prototype
Creative high fidelity interactive Adobe XD files
C. Documentation
Documented layout requirements and design system reference

A. Final Designs

B. Prototype Reference

Recorded Figma prototype mp4's examples

C. Documentation Designs

Design System Reference Example