Aircraft Maintenance

by CAMP Systems

CAMP Connect, an aviation maintenance application, is the industry’s leading Aircraft Maintenance and Compliance Management solution. A prototype was needed for development and business teams' road map discussions. This involved implementing new and streamlining current functionality and creating a new user interface with new features.

Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis was conducted in order for me to better understand the landscape and to find design inspiration. The analysis involved a variety of different products in the aircraft industry as well as similar industries such as automobile, fork trucks, and marine maintenance. Customer testimonials and product reviews were researched to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each tool.

Mood Board/Personas

I felt it important for the new interface to communicate the right atmosphere and a place in time. I created a mood board to explore ideas and compare competitor interfaces. Personas were needed to make sure their values would be incorporated into the design.

Card Sorting

When I had a list of possible requirements for the new design, a card sorting exercise was conducted. This was needed in order to organize how different user types would expect content to be organized.

During the session, participants were asked to organize their tasks into pre-defined categories that made the most sense to them, with Post-It notes on a table.

The results were displayed in a matrix with percentages of tasks sorted into each category.

Initial Mock-up and Mood Test

Designs should be continually validated. My approach was to create a mock-up of a basic work-flow first and then test it with internal stakeholders. Users were allowed to interact with the prototype and give feedback. I asked "How does this page make you feel?".

Most of the responses were positive, and validated that I was on track. Based on those results, I modified the design by reducing the amount of color, increasing negative space, and improving the text readability with higher contrasting colors.

Those negative opinions changed to positive, responses such, as “It looks modern”, and “Much easier to navigate”.


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