Hello, I'm Paul

I Craft Human-Centered Solutions to

Support Large Data-Driven B2B and Saas Products

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User Centered Design
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Design System
Understand the problem

In my research methodology, I immerse myself in understanding user behaviors, desires, motivations, and limitations. During the initial exploration phase, I gather all accessible data related to business desires and ambitions, carefully examining the current state of the product(s) from both business and user perspectives. By utilizing UX research methodologies like user interviews, surveys, usability tests, competitive analyses, and beyond, I'm able to collect more comprehensive insights.

  • Analyzing data and deriving actionable insights..
  • Understanding user behavior, needs and pain points.
  • Identifying and understanding business goals.
Aligning business goals and user needs

Research sheds light on the what and why, while strategy outlines the how. Through collaboration, I focus on the convergence of business goals and user needs. By guiding brainstorming sessions, developing personas, and designing user flows, to attain a seamless fusion of user delight and operational efficiency, ensuring alignment with the business's strategic aims.

  • Collaboration with stakeholders, product leaders and team.
  • Defining user personas and use cases.
  • User personas journey mapping.
From complexity into Simplicity

Transitioning into a tangible stage, I kickstart the development of wireframes and construct prototypes. Throughout this journey, my commitment remains steadfast in harmonizing the design with user needs and business objectives, sculpting a user experience that is not only practical but also emotionally captivating, ensuring it is not merely functional and usable but also delightful.

  • UI designs that ensure strong usability metrics.
  • Exploring innovative solutions and sketch ideas.
  • Wireframe and prototype iterations.
Releasing features in an Agile environment

Next, I collaborate closely with the development team to swiftly build and deploy, typically within 1-2 weeks. This involves crafting user stories, establishing story templates for uniformity, and implementing checklists to guarantee the provision of all necessary deliverables and documentation.

  • Final design mocks with workflow annotations
  • User scenarios for measurable insights and QA testing
  • Collaborative design system creation and improvement
Expertise in UX & Digital Product Development
  • UX Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • AI & Strategy
  • UI Design
  • Protoyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Motion Graphics
Getting to know me

Making products is what I love. Researching, designing, building, launching, measuring, growing, iterating, sometimes failing but always learning. With a rich UX background in B2B and SaaS solutions in insurance, fintech, and branded consumer applications, I offer over a decade of experience in UX, UI, visual, and product design. Frequently spearheading projects from initial research to final design solutions, I adeptly collaborate with engineering, business, and product stakeholders, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of project goals and user requirements.

In current and past roles, I excelled in creating service blueprints, mapping workflows, and developing various design artifacts like wireframes, mock-ups, and interactive prototypes. My ability to identify digital and non-touchpoints enables me to pinpoint areas of opportunity and potential bottlenecks, contributing to enhanced user experiences.

Furthermore, my experience extends to crafting and evolving design systems, along with providing comprehensive reference and development documentation, ensuring a smooth transition from design to implementation while maintaining consistency with brand guidelines.

I recently completed an 8-week certificate course at MIT on Designing and Building AI Products and Services. This course deepened my understanding of integrating artificial intelligence into product development, equipping me with advanced skills to innovate and drive success in future projects.